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    We have been super excited for the Special Edition of the already breathtaking F430 Replacement. And now the Ferarri 458 Speciale is in South Florida! The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the Scuderia to the F430. It is the ultimate in Italian engineering, it is the Pièce de résistance. But I can go all day talking about this car. Now we would like to know your thoughts? Leave them Below!

    -Cameron Cardelli

    Web Developer | Photographer | Marketing | Fleet Management – Lou La Vie



    Besides amazing cars… I can appreciate amazing food. Actually that is an understatement… I’m a foodie.  I’m a fat boy trapped in a skinny guy’s body.  I look forward to trying new restaurants and more than once, have driven over an hour to spearhead a craving.

    I moved to Miami about 4 years ago from Palm Beach.  Since that date I have made it my personal mission to find the BEST food Miami has to offer. My formula is as follows;

    1. Ask anyone over 55 what their favorite is… preferably natives.
    2. Create a cross reference of reviews between Google, Yelp, Miami New Times and any local papers. NEVER trust one source.
    3. Franchises are terrible. Don’t even attempt to find anything palatable at any franchise except for Houston’s/Hillstone. They are an anomaly.
    4. Verify all cross referenced restaurants with a native… and… Wallah!

    Using the above methods I have decided that the best Cheeseburger in Miami is at Blue Collar.

    Located in a defunct Motel off Biscayne Boulevard, Blue Collar is a STELLAR hole in the wall. Inside seating for maybe 15-20, this new-age diner makes you feel at home. From vintage Thermos mugs to an amazing playlist of classic hip hop and 50′s doo-wop, Blue Collar appeals to every sense. It’s menu is a combination of fresh, exciting, gourmet, comfort food. From latkes to home made chocolate cake, braised brisket, everything at Blue Collar is awesome.

    Located on the Sandwich menu at Blue Collar, The Real Juicy Cheeseburger, is a beautiful patty of Prime Dry Aged New York Strip on a Portugese Muffin with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion your choice of cheese and accompanied by some of the best think cut steak fries in the South East.

    We have to admit that the parking was not great for our Mercedes SLS AMG… so we decided to park the supercar on the curb and risk getting a ticket. It was worth it. Enjoy the pictures of the Lou La Vie Mercedes SLS AMG and then our experience at Blue Collar Miami.

    Miami travelers, second home owners, exotic car renters, car enthusiasts, friends, tourists, Brasilian’s and anyone else that is new or traveling to Miami… Try Blue Collar you will love it

    -John Temerian

    President, Lou La Vie

  • Lou La Vie V. 1.0

    What do you think of our new website? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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  • The Cars and back safe and sound!


    For everyone that was concerned with the news, the cars are back safe and sound! Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. #loulavie #justinbieber



  • Lou La Vie | Cruise to Palm Beach, Brunch and Polo


    It is always fun to step away from the usual sunday routine when you involve exotic cars. At Lou La Vie, we strive to go above and beyond what is expected of an exotic rental car company. So occasionally we will plan out a day of fast cars, great polo, good food, sport and party.

    The day started with a cruise to Palm Beach from Lou La Vie Headquarters in Miami. Brunch at the International Polo Club. Then of course some Polo and to rap up the evening, a party, DJ’d by the Miami Heat’s exclusive, DJ Irie!

  • Lamborghini Ecoista Unveiled!

    Lamborghini EcoistaLamborghini has pulled out it’s last magic trick for their 50 year anniversary and unveiled a masterpiece of a machine named Ecoista. Not much is known about the car so as we learn more we will update the page with more information. Picture from motortrend instagram account.

    If you’re in Miami or visiting sometime soon, visit our location with fine art and exotic cars and rent our Lamborghini Aventador or rent our Lamborghini LP560 Spyder .

  • Lou La Vie debuts exotic car showroom in Miami

    We are all about creating one-of-a-kind experiences. Part of the exotic car rental experience includes a stunning showroom. Last year, we set out to create what we hoped would be the most spectacular car showroom in South Florida – a place that paid homage to the luxurious style of Miami and the beauty of our cars.

    On April 19th, we invited all of our friends and family to witness the result of our our hard work and imagination. Hundreds of fans, such as DJ Irie, Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem, and Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat, Jonathan Cheben from Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Miami-based R&B group Pretty Ricky, witnessed the best from Lou La Vie at our Showroom Debut. Friends and fans shared in our passion for art and engineering by perusing our latest exotic car collection and the artwork of famous artist Leonardo Hidalgo.

    There was music. There were drinks. There was art. There were cars. But, most importantly, there was excitement – the newest chapter of Lou La Vie was beginning.

    A huge thanks from the Lou La Vie family to everyone who was a part of it.

  • Lou La Vie Selects JMPR Public Relations as Agency of Record

    Woodland Hills, Calif. (March 18, 2013) – JMPR Public Relations announced today that it has been appointed as the agency of record for Lou La Vie, the noted luxury and exotic vehicle rental company serving the Miami and South Florida markets. JMPR will be responsible for overseeing media outreach to expand awareness of the company on a national and international level.

    JMPR will utilize its extensive luxury automotive industry experience, as well as its relationships within the business, lifestyle and automotive media to further strengthen Lou La Vie’s relationships and raise brand awareness. JMPR will also work on media activities to promote Lou La Vie’s expansion plans, new showroom and impressive fleet lineup.

    “Lou La Vie has an assortment of vehicles to satisfy any car aficionado coming to Miami and they offer a customer experience like no other,” said JMPR President and devoted exotic automotive collector, Joseph Molina. “As an enthusiast myself, I am excited to tell Lou La Vie’s story and look forward to where this unique partnership may lead down the road.”

    About JMPR Public Relations

    JMPR is a leading transportation and consumer lifestyle public relations agency based in Los Angeles with affiliate offices throughout North America. For 35 years, JMPR has specialized in building brands and raising consumer awareness for its clients. JMPR is a results-driven, strategic media relations firm whose core competencies include automotive, aftermarket, lifestyle, travel and consumer products. Select current JMPR clients include Bentley Motors, Bugatti Automobiles, Pep Boys, Royal Purple, Airstream Trailers, Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions, Kampgrounds of America, Boyd Gaming Corporation, Piaggio Aero, Galpin Motors and Meguiar’s Inc. Visit us at or ‘like’ us on Facebook. For the very latest news on JMPR and its clients follow us on Twitter @JMPRNewsAlerts.

    About Lou La Vie

    Created by exotic car enthusiasts for exotic car enthusiasts, Lou La Vie is a privately-owned corporation based in Miami, developed to satisfy the growing demand to rent luxury and exotic vehicles. Lou La Vie’s growing fleet includes some of the most sought-after exotic supercars in the world, including the only Ferrari 458 Spider available for rent on the East Coast, a Lamborghini LP560-4, a Nissan GTR and many more. Lou La Vie believes in responsible renting and is one of only a few luxury and exotic vehicle rental companies that owns each of its fleet vehicles, providing a safe and secure renter experience without fear of unlimited liability. Located at 1444 Biscayne Blvd Suite 113 in Miami, FL 33132, the showroom is open by appointment only. For additional information on pricing and availability, please call Lou La Vie at 1.877.595.4329, visit, ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Lou_La_Vie.

  • Renting an Exotic Car in Miami – The Right Way

    We’re pretty sick of hearing past customers’ horrible experiences renting from other exotic car rental agencies. Every single week a customers share stories with us about how “car rental company X doesn’t have insurance on their cars” or “car rental company Y gave me the runaround when I asked what cars they had available.” It’s downright shameful that so many agencies fail to protect renters or provide quality services. Everything is about making a quick buck instead of providing positive experiences.

    So it’s time we set the record straight so that anyone renting an exotic car in Miami knows what to do and what to avoid at all costs – even if they don’t rent their car from us.

    What you should know about renting an exotic car before you ever pick up the phone.

    What you need to know before you ever get the keys to your exotic car

    3 Crucial Things You MUST Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel of an Exotic Rental Car

    If you are interested in renting an exotic car, there are 3 crucial facts you need to know before you ever get behind the wheel.

    First, you are probably driving a car way past its prime. That means the car is more likely to break down, leaving you footing the bill.

    Second, the car you rented probably isn’t owned by the car rental agency. That means that if you get into any accident, your auto insurance will not cover you and you’ll have unlimited liability for any damages.

    Third, in most cases, the car you see online will not be the car you drive. That means the car of your dreams will not be the car you end up getting stuck in.

    We’ve seen the dark side of the industry too often. Lou La Vie has seen an insane amount of renters frustrated by cars that break down and leave them liable for thousands in costs. We’ve heard of car rental agencies that left renters stuck with tens of thousands in damages since the car was not owned by the agency. We’ve heard horror stories of disappointment when renters didn’t get to drive the cars they saw online.

    It’s the primary reason why we do things so differently.

    6 Questions that can save you thousands of dollars

    Here are 6 important questions you need to ask (and why) in order to protect yourself from a shady agency:

    1. What year is the car? – The year of the car will tell you whether or not you will receive a current model exotic car or something outdated that has more miles than you expected.
    2. What is the exact model of the car? – This will help you screen for two things: you’re getting exactly what you see online and the agency actually owns the cars they advertise.
    3. How many miles are on the car? – This will tell you how reliable you can expect the car to be. A Honda with a million miles can hum along just fine but Lamborghinis and Ferraris are more likely to see mechanical issues after just 50,000 miles due to the high-performance nature of the cars. Fun fact on why it matters – If the car breaks while you are behind the wheel, you’ll likely be held for the liability. So ALWAYS ask.
    4. Is the car registered in the agency’s name? – Knowing this can be the difference between a 5 and 6 digit lawsuit and a worry-free ride home. If the car is not registered in the agency’s name, you assume the liability entirely for any accidental damages or injuries sustained by you or any other parties involved in an accident. Isn’t that grand?
    5. Does your price include insurance or do I have to pay extra for that? – This will help you determine whether or not you will be insured when driving the car, a vital detail when realizing that the costs to repair these cars in the event of damage can quickly rise into the stratosphere. Having insurance on the car means you’ll limit your liability to the deposit you place.
    6. What additional fees are associated with the rental (gas, tolls, surcharges, taxes) – Not always critical but excellent to know is the hidden fees that might be associated with your rental experience. The last thing you want to see after a drive is a big fat bill for something you didn’t anticipate or something that wasn’t made clear to you before the rental.

    How Do I Know If I Am Renting From A Legitimate Company?

    Just as important as protecting yourself from a shady agency is making sure you are dealing with an actual exotic rental car agency and not just a exotic car rental broker. Why? Because when dealing with a broker, they’ll offer your inquiry to a rental car agency they’ve worked with and tack on any additional profit they can bake in. Not cool.

    So start off by googling the company name and looking for customer reviews. Next, check out the website Rip Off Report and search for the company there. You will be amazed at the information you will find. Last, check out the company website and browse through their fleet. If you see stock photos, that’s one indicator they either don’t have the cars they list or they aren’t a legitimate agency.

    Here are some other questions you can use to avoid dealing with a broker:

    1. How long have you been in business? – This helps establish the type of track record you should expect from this company.
    2. What color are the cars you offer? – This is a great question to screen out a broker who won’t know what car they can make available to you. An agency can tell you pretty quickly what cars they have available on what days. A broker has to call up providers in the area who offer those cars before they can tell you what’s available.
    3. What year are the cars that you offer? – This screens out brokers just as effectively and also works well in understanding the expected reliability of your exotic car rental.
    4. What is your address? – This question ensures you are dealing with an established company with an actual, physical presence rather than some unaccountable broker working somewhere in the ether of cyberspace.
    5. Can I come to your location to pick up the car? – Another screening question to see whether this person is someone who actually holds onto the cars or just acts as a middleman.

    We hope these questions will serve as a guide for renting an exotic car intelligently, effectively, and for the best prices on the market. If you are curious as to how Lou La Vie does business, check out our FAQ or give us a call to learn more.

    Ever had a nightmare exotic car rental story? We wanna know! Sound off in the comments below.

  • The Results are In! The Third Ferrari Friday Winners

    The Unexpected Success of Ferrari Friday

    Our entire goal with Ferrari Friday was to get passive fans who loved Lou La Vie to start sharing all of the awesome car pictures they had. We didn’t expect much of a response since there are ridiculous quantities of social outlets for sharing unique and artistic Ferrari shots. Of course, all of you (you being all the raging LLV fans who shared, liked, commented or contributed) stepped up to the plate, grabbed a camera, and got involved. Who knew a thriving exotic car rental agency in Miami could bring together so many Ferrari enthusiasts? We’re not gonna lie – the first week’s response was a bit surprising. By now, we’re inundated by an avalanche of beautiful Ferrari shots submitted every Friday. They are the kind of shots that make every Ferrari fan, including us, struggle for breath and make our car senses tingle from pure, unquenchable excitement. This is what we love.


    Since we have been receiving a large number of submissions on a weekly basis, we’re planning on changing up the submission system and we also decided to add in some incentives for participating, starting with the fan-elected winner of the February 15th Ferrari Friday. That’s right. The fan-elected winner of each Ferrari Friday will be receiving some exclusive deals, gear, and special gifts.

    How do you get elected? Simple! The picture that gets the most likes on our Facebook page wins the prize.

    The Result – Ferrari Friday February 15th Submissions

    We received two dozen submissions for the contest within 8 hours of posting it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The competition was fierce and selecting winners was about as easy as beating Top Gear’s Stig around the track since each week’s submissions raise the bar ever higher.

    Some say he beat Richard Hammond in a Pagani Zonda on the track while driving the reasonably priced car. All we know is these are the third Ferrari Friday winners.

    Winner #1 – Norm Morton – 1974 Ferrari Dino and Ferrari F50

    The 2005 Cavallino Classic, featuring a 1974 Ferrari Dino and a Ferrari F50 sitting side by side.

    The 2005 Cavallino Classic, featuring a 1974 Ferrari Dino and a Ferrari F50 sitting side by side.

    The immaculate 74’ Ferrari Dino looked stunning, even when the car rests superimposed on a Ferrari F50. It’s a throwback to a once highly popular and now ultra-rare (see: expensive) Ferrari that showed 2005 Cavallino Classic patrons the incredible advances Ferrari has made in just 30 years. Thanks to Norm for once again tapping his trove of pictures and bringing us more Ferrari eye candy. Norm can be found on Facebook.

    Winner #2 – Shawn Pierce – Ferrari F50

    A shot of the iconic Ferrari F50, taken in the paddock at Lime Rock Park in 2011.

    A shot of the iconic Ferrari F50, taken in the paddock at Lime Rock Park in 2011.

    Shawn has been an active contributor since the beginning of the Ferrari Friday contest. His shots are almost always taken in an effort to keep maximum focus on the car and minimal focus anywhere else… AS IT SHOULD BE!

    “This shot of the iconic Ferrari F50 was taken in the paddock at Lime Rock Park in 2011.It was parked in between the ALMS transporters, sort of tucked in away from view so getting good shots of it was tricky. Thankfully the light that day was perfect: soft, warm and overcast which led to me being able to capture those distinguished lines.”

    A big thank you to Shawn for the killer shot. You can find more of Shawn Pierce’s work on his Facebook Page.

    Winner #3 – Cameron_Intomota – Ferrari 458 Italia

    On a ride to Monte Carlo for the final F1 race, Cameron of Intomota shot this picture of a Ferrari 458 Italia

    On a ride to Monte Carlo for the final F1 race, Cameron of Intomota shot this picture of a Ferrari 458 Italia

    We were afraid of setting a precedent by selecting this picture. Cameron is our wizard videographer and cinematic master. We didn’t want to be biased and select a picture that obviously came from someone internally. But who are we kidding?! This toothy Ferrari 458 Italia looks more badass than a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick – no easy feat my friends. He snapped this shot on the way to Monte Carlo for the last F1 race. Check out more car shots from the young gun of the Lou La Vie familia at @Cameron_Intomota.

    Winner #4 – Exotic Stance – Ferrari 458 Spider

    Miami-based Exotic car rental agency Lou La Vie's Ferrari 458 Spider sits poised with an F430 Ferrari sitting in the rear view during the Champion Motorsports meet up in Pompano Beach, FL.

    Miami-based Exotic car rental agency Lou La Vie’s Ferrari 458 Spider sits poised with an F430 Ferrari sitting in the rear view during the Champion Motorsports meet up in Pompano Beach, FL.

    This shot was taken at Champion Motorsport’s recent Porsche meet up in Pompano Beach, FL. We attended the event since we were eager to support Champion Motorsports who provided exotic car enthusiasts a chance to chat and talk shop. Our 458 Spider rental attracted quite the attention – drawing ooohs and aaahhhhs from those who had not seen this topless Italian in person. We thought the shot perfectly captured a departure from the F430 Ferraris of old. We think the 458 Spider surges Ferrari once again ahead of the ever-crowding list of exotic car manufacturers and brands who try to overtake the iconic brand in the never-ending race to create the greatest car ever. Check out more shots from @ExoticStance on Instagram.

    Ferrari – A Journey

    These submissions took us on a journey from the age of ultra-rare Testa Rosssas & Dinos to the age of the transformer-looking Ferrari F150. The look has changed, the feel has changed, but the appeal is incessant. It’s no surprise every exotic car rental agency carries one and why we have three in our stable. It is a timeless icon that speaks volumes about the insatiable goal of creating the perfect automobile of now. Ferrari is one of those special groups who have created something that will never die – a timeless symbol of beauty, power, finesse, exclusivity.

    Enough talk… it’s time for a drive…

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